On Site Recycling

Heneghan Wrecking Company has experience in on site recycling utilizing concrete crushers on the jobsite. We are consistently exceeding the City of Chicago’s required percentage for recycling, we pride ourselves on being on of the top green demolition companies in the area and doing our part to conserve materials and re-use them where it’s possible.

At Heneghan Wrecking, we offer a variety of demolition and environmental remediation services. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you with a specific project, please call us at 773/342-9009.  Different municipalities may have different laws and regulations therefore every project is different.

We are fully capable of hauling away material for recycling at designated off site areas or recycling on site where applicable.  Any potentially hazardous materials will be dealt with accordingly and in accordance with the highest standards.  Our equipment is state of the art and our teams have the highest training levels available.  We take recycling of materials very seriously and never cut corners.

LEED Recycling

Recycling of site materials is often be employed with our demolition services, and obtaining LEED certification for a project is extremely beneficial for a client.  Building greener is not only the wave of the future and an ethical practice, there is often financial incentive to LEED certification status.

We can advise on how to best employ the correct recycling of materials on your site to obtain the maximum financial incentives in order to stretch your budget even further.  We take pride in knowing that we can save our clients money and do the right thing for the planet, it’s truly a win – win situation.  We have a wealth of recycling experience when it comes to demolition projects and we can consult on the right way to do things, we can see around corners and ensure that potential issues never arise.  There’s a reason why we’re viewed as a Chicago area demolition company that’s truly a cut above.

Different states and municipalities may have different laws and minimum requirements for recycling of different materials, therefore each project is different and requires a unique, individual consultation.  Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding LEED recycling for your project and we’re happy to help.

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Heneghan Wrecking & Excavating focuses on commercial and industrial projects, not residential demolition.  Thank you for your inquiries.

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