malcolm x college in chicago

Malcolm X

Malcolm X College is located at 1900 W. Van Buren St. in Chicago, it is, at the time of this writing, being demolished (Summer 2016).

This project involves the demolition of over 500,000 square feet as well as one site concrete crushing, all provided through Heneghan Wrecking.

DePaul University demolition project, in Chicago IL

DePaul University

This educational demolition project was recently completed in 2016, it was a structural demolition project in which aging building, McGraw Hall, was removed in order to make way for a more modern structure.

Affectionately know as the cheese grater by students, the building which was built in 1963 had seen better days; the project involved asbestos removal as well as UST removal. The new structure built into the old footprint is slated to look a lot more “collegiate”.

Loyola University at Chicago

Loyola University

Damen Hall graced the sky line at Loyola University for many years, this towering ten story structure was home to dozens of classrooms and served the University well, but the time had come for a new, greener structure to take it’s place.

The project was completed in 2011, and construction on the new Cuneo Hall began shortly afterwards, a much shorter (four story), more modern, and green building. The work done by Heneghan Wrecking included asbestos removal




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