Lakeshore Athletic Club

Lakeshore Athletic Club was located at the Wabash and Kinzie, in addition it was right next to a pedestrian bridge, the location was busy with both pedestrians and automobile traffic.

Completed in 2014 this was a structural demolition project.


Google Building

Chicago is a world class city with world class corporate offices, when Google looked to expand their offices into the Chicago area they choose to renovate a building in the West Loop neighborhood.

Heneghan Wrecking was proud to play a role in bringing Google to Chicago by completely a selective demolition project on a structure at Fulton.  The Fulton Market district of Chicago is a booming area of the city which is home to cutting edge companies in many industries as well as home to great nightlife and recreation areas.


Cabrini Green

Cabrini Green was once part of a large and aging public housing project located on the near north side of the city.  In 2011 the last of the structures was completely demolished in order to bring new development to the area.

New mixed income housing, renovation of nearby parks as well as further development have come to this area and Heneghan Wrecking was honored to play our role in redeveloping this historic part of Chicago.


Harpo Studios

The famous Harpo Studios, former home of Oprah Winfrey’s show. Building demolition and asbestos removal of over 100,000 SF are, foundation removal was involved in the project as well.

Completed in 2016, West Loop area of Chicago.


Commercial Demolition Projects

By Heneghan Wrecking

Google Building, West Loop
McCormick West Expansion Project
441 N. Wabash, LSAC
300 N. LaSalle, parking garage
Esquire Theatre 58 E. Oak St., Chicago
Chicago + Wells, warehouse and retail

Plumber’s Hall, 1400 W. Washington
311 N. Morgan, warehouse, West Loop
2500 New York, Hammond, IN
165 N. Desplaines, warehouse/offices
735-811 W. Lake St., West Loop
Lock Up Northbrook

191 E. North Ave., Carol Stream
ITW, Hardwood Heights
Ambassador West Hotel
Cabrini Green, Chicago Housing Authority
YMCA LaGrange
Littelfuse, Inc. in Des Plaines, IL


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